Does Anger Rule You or Fuel You?

Anger Rule You or Fuel YouPsychologists have pointed out that depression is often the result of anger turned inward. Maybe that’s why depression’s grip on my life was broken when I turned my anger into righteous indignation.

In today’s violent world, it’s easy to get the impression that anger is always a bad thing. Yet that’s not true. Anger is just a feeling and it can be okay to be angry at times, as long as we don’t allow anger to provoke us to make destructive choices. And we must avoid holding on to our anger, which can make us miserable, prickly people.

After years of cyclical bouts with depression, I recognized anger boiling within me—not toward people but toward the darkness that had held me captive to depression. This fury welled up with righteous indignation against the negative self-talk I believed, which brought me to such hopelessness. The first false belief that I addressed was the lie that continuing in sadness was “the way it would always be” for me. I began to see myself happy and joyful instead of sad and depressed.

You see, anger can be a healthy thing if it prompts us to positive change.

Anger is renewable energy so let it FUEL you toward change, not RULE you into bitterness. Healthy anger has enabled me to solve daunting problems and overcome long-standing fears and obstacles. It has helped me express my personal values with courage and conviction, moving forward toward my best self and the kind of life I desire. When my strength was at low ebb, healthy anger sparked focus and energy.

Anger happens so let it be your fuel.

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