Don’t Let Halloween Shape you

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As Halloween approaches I’ve decided that I don’t need to run out to the costume store. I already have a new costume; my body is creating one for me right ... (read more)

Reflecting on a Beautiful Catholic Heritage

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I’ve enjoyed watching the news footage  of Pope Francis’ visit. He embodies all that is good about being a Catholic and the definition of true religion. I loved watching him ... (read more)

Let Go So You Can Move On

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Photo Courtesy “Leap, and the net will appear.” – Julie Cameron I was in the second grade when Mom and Dad took us to the skating rink. It was scary, watching all ... (read more)

Don’t Let Overheating Become a Habit 

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On the way home from a family vacation, our mini-van’s “check engine” light flashed on, and smoke billowed from under the hood. Fortunately, we were near a gas station and ... (read more)

 A Dead End Turn Around

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What was I thinking? After a few years out of the nursing profession, I decided it would be a good idea to take a refresher course and get a job ... (read more)

Happy Word Clouds

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“Dumb me.” I have a lovely, intelligent friend who used to have a habit of referring to herself that way. She was usually laughing or rolling her eyes when she said ... (read more)

Re-Encountering the Seven Dwarfs of Menopause

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Suzanne Somers tackled the Dwarfs Menopause 'I'm Too Young For This.”  The subject was not on my radar until it finally hit me several years ago. You are hot and itchy ... (read more)

Roll like a Duck

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Photo Courtesy Myra Brizendine-Wilson-All Rights Reserved Ducks never feel wet. Although they spend most of their time in lakes, ponds and rivers, ducks never seem to need someone to throw them a ... (read more)

Irish Lullaby

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I am still reflecting on Mother’s Day. I had a wonderful day with my son and my daughter’s sent beautiful cards with heartfelt messages.  I am so blessed to have ... (read more)

Power off, So You Can See

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The power went out in my neighborhood recently. It happened in the middle of the night, and what seemed like a sudden silence in my home jolted me awake. Nothing was ... (read more)

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