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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs a singer and songwriter, I have tried many different styles of music in the quest to find my own “personal sound.” As with most people just starting out in their creative pursuits, I originally found myself imitating the styles of others, hoping to find my own niche in the process. Seals and Croft, John Denver, The Eagles, America, and Bread were some of the early influences on my taste in music. (Can you tell how old I am?!)

However, as helpful as it may be to learn the style of others, I have concluded that even the best imitation is not as good as the original. So, be yourself! Anything else is a sure prescription for more loose ends.

When I was recording the song “Hide Me in the Shadow” on my Carry Me CD, I felt as if I finally had “found my voice.” Although there were many other good songs on the CD, something special happened in the recording studio when I sang that song. In that magic moment, it was as if I had a taste of my destiny. I found myself thinking,This is the kind of music I was born to sing!

What style of music is this song? It is hard to categorize. It could be described as contemporary, folksy, alternative or Irish/Celtic. Even though the style may seem a conglomeration of genres, it is the real me!

When we “find our voice”—something we really enjoy doing–it is likely that others will enjoy it, too. “Hide Me in the Shadow” has been one of my CD’s most popular songs on radio stations across the country. Some of the other tracks on the project are arguably better songs, but “Hide Me in the Shadow” has had an extraordinary impact because of the way it resonates with who I am.

So much time is wasted when we try to imitate others! Even if we master their style we have only succeeded in being a cheap imitation.

Unlock your creativity for you have been created uniquely.

No one else will ever have the same impact on the world.

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