One Super Busy Thankful Lady?

Still life with hot tea in autumn decorationToday I realized that there are only 7 more weeks left in 2014. Where did time go? It definitely has wings and often moves like a tornado.  The vibrant autumn colors, falling leaves, pumpkin patches, and cooler weather will soon make room for colder weather and hopefully snow in my neck of the woods.  I’m already working on Christmas decorating and shopping and Thanksgiving isn’t even here!

When I look back over this past year, it has been a whirlwind of continuous change adjustment, and wonderful new opportunities including:

*Fearless Leaps of Faith: Repurposing my Nurses Cap as a Life Reinvention Coach & Launching my new Web-Site.

*Baby Steps in organizing my new home and in my personal health and wellness plan

*Dreams that have come true like the publishing and release of my new book Over It ~ How to Live Above Your Circumstances and Beyond Yourself.

*New Endeavors like completing a year-long Health Coach Training Course and now being paid to help people lose weight, decrease stress, increase their energy and reinvent their lives.

*Navigating the joy, pain and freedom of an empty nest

*Spending more time with my dad and extended family

*Celebrating the news of my daughter Abbie’s engagement to Hamish McKoy

*Enjoying my life as I am learning to live in the present

*Realizing that the list is endless

As 2014 has whizzed by, I’ve decided on a new motto, “Constant change is here to stay!”

I’ve discovered that each New Year has its own joys, lessons, challenges and victories.  As my head spins from thinking of how fast this year sped by, some old clichés come to mind. Savor the moment. Take time to smell the roses. Not always easy when life is moving a thousand miles a minute, but definitely worth the effort.

I am committed to spending time reflecting on the special moments from this past year while enjoying the present. In December I plan to take time to visualize my new year. As the book Switch describes it: Create a Destination Postcard.

What about you?

Won’t you join me in this time of thankful reflection? I would love to hear about your leaps of faith, baby steps, creative ideas, inspirations, endeavors and dreams that have come true in 2014.


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