Power Source

PowerSource-“There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

When your furnace quits working or your lights go out, the first thing to do is find your power box!

Every house has this nerve center of electrical power, a hub of circuit breakers or fuses through which all of your house’s electricity must pass in order to do its job. If the circuit breakers shut down, there’s no power in the house. When this central hub functions properly, it governs the use of power throughout your home, apportioning 15 amps of power where needed, 30 amps where appropriate, etc. Because if 60 amps of power is funneled where 15 amps is needed, an overloaded fuse could blow. And somewhere, something will shut down completely because its 60 amp power need isn’t being met.

You were designed with your own power box—one overwhelming passion that fuels your life. It is meant to energize you and funnel power to your daily needs.

Your heart’s power box represents the big dream or personal mission statement that should govern your life. It is the central hub through which every other activity or relationship should pass. It is the key to your health and success.

However, too many of us don’t even realize that we have a power box in our hearts. We are so busy chasing material gain or energy-draining relationships that there’s little energy or time left to discover or maintain our source of power. Then our circuit breakers shut down and block the flow of energy.

Like a house with a power failure, life gets cold and dark if our power box malfunctions. We search here and there in vain, trying to navigate a pitch-black room after the power goes out. Until we find and repair the power box, every other remedy will be in vain.

A friend of mine spent most of her professional life in the arts, until she hit the age of 50 and was going through a rocky period in her life. To gain economic stability, she took a job in a corporate setting. She had business cards and a title and she woke up early every weekday morning and drove to an office and put in her time and came home at the end of every weekday entirely depleted. When people asked the question we all seem to get—“What do you do?”—she found herself fumbling to answer a question that left her feeling like a fraud and a failure.

Then one day, a few months before she turned 60, she realized that she wasn’t just getting closer to the end of her life chronologically. She realized that she had cut herself off from her power source and she was slowly but surely dying.

She left the job. She pitched out the business cards. She went back to her art. And one day someone asked her, “What do you do?” She said, “I’m an artist.” Something inside her bloomed when she said that. And the person who asked the question said later, “You should see your face when you say, ‘I’m an artist.’”

How long has it been since you felt truly alive? Since you felt a sincere love for life and a true passion for what you were doing? Maybe it’s been so long ago that you’ve virtually given up hope of ever regaining your zest for life. But it’s not too late to discover or rediscover what really fuels you, the true passion that feeds your power box.

Have you found your power box yet? If you have, then it should govern all of the smaller pursuits in your life. It should funnel resources and energy in proportion to how every part of your life fits into your central purpose for living.

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