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Over iT: How to Live Above Your Circumstances and Beyond Yourself.

Based on Mary’s highly acclaimed book, this keynote message is guaranteed to change your life as you overcome whatever “iT” is hindering you from fulfilling your dreams.

3 Painless Steps to Reinventing Your Life.

This is the perfect message for anyone in search of a new beginning in some area of his or her life.

5 Simple Keys to Finding the Fountain of Youth at Any Age.

Midlife doesn’t have to be a downhill slide. You can live younger and live longer, making the rest of your life the best of your life.

Defeating the 7 Annoying Dwarves of Menopause.

Although women in midlife can’t avoid these mischievous gremlins entirely, here are strategies to help.

The Fine Art of Work-Life Balance.

Can you get ahead at work without losing your family, your health, and your mind? These four solutions will help you regain your equilibrium and enjoy life again.

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